SID Mixer InDepth

SID Mixer InDepth 1.5

Mixer InDepth mixes MP3 and WAV files and plays them

The Mixer InDepth software gives the user the necessary tools to mix MP3 and WAV files and play them.
One outstanding feature of this program is the very visually appealing, colorful and yet extremely easy to use interface. The user interface has the shape of a stereo and all the functions and information can be easily found and read. The files can also be searched for and quickly found.

Not only does the Mixer InDepth program mix and play files, but it can also convert MP3 files to the WAV format and vice versa. The output audio files can also be saved in either MP3 or WAV file formats. Various audio effects can also be applied and recordings from a microphone can also be made using this software.

The user can choose to play the audio files either in sequential order or have them played back randomly. Another function of the Mixer InDepth program allows the user to add crossfading effects to the music. The user can control pitch and is able to choose up to five different cue points. There are also six different time loops included in the program and the user can choose any of them.

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